Hi, this is Devin and Amanda’s blog about traveling. She takes pictures and I write English words about where we go. She is better at recording images of things than I am at setting down coherent bits of language detailing what we see and do. Right now we live in China, and will (if all goes according to our detailed plans) be here until late fall of 2014.

If you have stumbled upon this blog after that time, we are not in China anymore. We are somewhere between New Zealand and Iceland, fighting off mosquitoes and trying not to look like helpless, mouth breathing tourists who shrivel up into balls of juvenile resentment if there isn’t AC. Which we aren’t, we really aren’t those people at all, I’m just saying we are trying not to look like that, because, seriously…..

So, if you want to ask us questions or point out errors or inconsistencies or offer up some uncalled for snark at our probably inferior exploration skills please do.


Devin Howard

Born: Pasadena, California

Likes: cheap wine, indie-classical-baroque fusion music, the vimeo HD channel, lightning bugs, lone-hero action movies, house whiskey, and Kraft 3-cheese shells.

Accomplishments: sniper spree in Halo: Reach, filling every original page of an American passport, front 3’s off mild kickers.

Hopes and Dreams: pay off student loans, pay off credit cards, learn a second language, learn to dance, play golf in the sea of tranquility on the lunar surface, successfully lead the resistance against machines during the approaching Human/Robot war, .

About Me: I love many things (My girlfriend would be one example). I read a lot, I play many sports, I love the outdoors and Indiana Jones movies. I am a Star Wars fanboy. I am a Predator and Aliens universe fanboy. I listen to a lot of underground battle rap even though I’m white and have been comfortably middle class my entire life. I snowboard every chance I get. I am somewhat educated. I can do backflips on trampolines.

Travel, amanda huffman, funAmanda Huffman

Born: Hickory, North Carolina

Likes: sweet iced tea with lemon (and lots of ice), old architecture, foreign accents, fall in the mountains of north carolina, 80’s classic movies, coca cola in a glass bottle, cooking while listening to classical music, and scuppernogs

Dislikes: mosquito bites, plane delays, closed-mindedness, and Starbucks.

Hopes and Dreams: see everything and go everywhere, conquer my fear of heights, hold a baby sloth in my arms, to be more technologically savvy and to learn how to work my fancy camera.

About Me: I’m an Interior Designer, which is what brought me to China. I’m a Scorpio (and so is Devin!). I recently became a vegetarian. And I could live off bagels everyday for the rest of my life!



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