Picture of the Week: Longpan Park, Kenting, Taiwan

taiwan, kenting, cliffs, travel, photography

Typhoon Fitow kicks up an angry surf along Taiwan’s southern coast as seen from Longpan park, near Kenting. Longpan, lying between Jiae Road and the emptiness of the western Pacific, is a gorgeous coral limestone tableland, with expansive views, windswept grasslands, and rambling cliffs that transition into pastureland at their base. Winds were extremely powerful on the day we stopped, strong enough to make stinging missiles out of sand and grit, strong enough to knock over people and parked scooters, which only added to the expansive feel of the place. ‘Tropical Ireland’ is perhaps an accurate metaphorical take on Longpan, with its low shrubs, vast fields of grass, and grazing animals dotting the countryside.